Results of second phase consultation

Our second phase consultation took place between 29 November 2021 and 10 January 2022.

During this time, we held 5 public engagement events and 7 meetings, and had 570 responses including:

  • 398 emails
  • 32 emails from technical and political responses
  • 140 feedback forms.

We have now completed our review of all the comments and can share the key feedback that was mentioned in the consultation. 

Future Hoo consultation and engagement report

You can also read the Future Hoo consultation and engagement report for 2020 to 2022.

Community Parklands


Feedback showed support for proposals for more green safe spaces while protecting our environment, biodiversity, and wildlife.

There was also support for improving greenspace access for:

  • horse riders
  • dog walkers
  • cyclists
  • a range of other users. 

More information

Residents liked our initial plans for Hoo Wetlands Reserve and Lodge Hill Countryside Site, but more information was needed on our proposals.

We are now consulting on these proposals where you can have your say. 

Get involved in the Community Parklands phase 2 consultation.


There were some concerns about what the impact of new homes could have on the environment with the loss of farmland. 



There was some positive feedback on the plans and designs. 

More information

During the consultation more information was requested on:

  • train timetables and services
  • impact on freight operations
  • access road to station
  • costs and funding of the project
  • ability to deliver the project with third parties. 


There were concerns raised about the location of the station, and how this will also impact car usage. 



There was lots of support for the removal of the Wainscott Flyover following our first consultation. 

More information

During the consultation more information was requested on:

  • mitigation plans for the impact on environment and wildlife
  • access to Woodfield Way and to the train station including vehicle restrictions, public footpaths, and enforcement.

It is important that the 6 road schemes improve access across the Peninsula including:

  • key improvements for the Four Elms Roundabout (phase 5 scheme) to take place close to the start of onsite work to ease congestion
  • ensuring traffic signals not adding to existing congestion. 

Good public transport options are needed, for example bus service provisions. We will update information on any improvements made to public transport, mixing feedback with solutions. This will fall outside the Housing Infrastructure Fund. 


There were concerns raised about traffic congestion and pollution such as:

  • air quality
  • noise
  • light. 

Other feedback

More information

During the consultation more information was needed about project funding. 


There were concerns raised about:

  • the number of houses proposed
  • where the houses will be located
  • the overall impact on the environment. 

There was feedback that there should be confidence in the viability of the proposals. 

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