Meet Mojo - our Child-friendly mascot

At the 2023 Medway Mile on Friday 21 July, Mojo made their first appearance as part of the team - and even ran their first race on land.

Since launching Child-friendly Medway, children and young people have asked for a mascot to join the Child-friendly Medway team.

Beginning in January 2023, design activity sheets were delivered to schools and youth organisations across Medway and workshops were held, where children and young people could create what they thought the Child-friendly Medway mascot could look like.

The Child-friendly Medway team worked with local artist Nick Ashton, who used the drawings as inspiration to create eight shortlisted designs, which were then voted on by children and young people at our events and on social media.

The final design was sent to a workshop, where a craftsperson brought Mojo to life.

Since Mojo’s introduction to the team, they have attended many events and have loved making lots of new friends.

Image shows Mojo the mascot at the Medway Mile.

Mojo made their first appearance at the Medway Mile 2023.

Shortlisted designs

See below the 8 shortlisted designs for the Child-friendly Medway mascot.

Child-friendly Medway mascot designs. Kit is a cartoon character with a kite as a head and foxy is a fox is a cartoon fox character wearing a purple hoodie and blue trainers.
Kit and Foxy Child-friendly Medway mascot designs.
Child-friendly Medway mascot designs. Robbie is a cartoon robin wearing a traffic cone on his head. Ozzy is a red octopus.
Robbie and Ozzy Child-friendly Medway mascot designs.
Child-friendly Medway mascot designs. Mojo is a pink cartoon dragon and Mozzy is a fluffy cartoon character with pigtails.
Mojo and Mozzy Child-friendly Medway mascot designs.
Chil-friendly Medway mascot designs. Poppy is a cartoon fox with pink hair. Bertie is a blue cartoon bug.
Poppy and Bertie Child-friendly Medway mascot designs.


The mascot design project was sponsored by Countryside Partnerships and Hyde through the Rochester Riverside Community Board. This was set up to spread the benefits of the Rochester Riverside regeneration scheme across Medway by supporting worthwhile community-led projects.

The Community Board awarded a £5,000 grant to support the mascot project.