Help us design 'Youth Signs' for Medway

We're running a design activity for children and young people to design a public sign that will be shown in outdoor locations across Medway.

This will help shape Child-friendly Medway’s latest initiative to protect the local environment.


This design activity is open to:

  • primary school students
  • secondary school students
  • SEND school students
  • home educated students
  • youth groups
  • individuals.


Children and young people can take part by designing a sign using one of the following 6 key environmental themes:

  • littering
  • dog fouling
  • recycling
  • car idling
  • plant more flowers and trees
  • take care of the wildlife.

To inspire this initiative, children and young people have highlighted these issues and ideas to the Child-friendly Medway team.

You can read more about each theme below.


You can draw a picture to help encourage people to stop littering and bin their rubbish and take it home.

Dog fouling

Remind dog owners to clean up after their dog to keep the ground mess-free.


Encourage people to reduce, reuse and recycle to keep the area clean and tidy.

Car idling

Remind drivers to turn off their engines when their car is stopped to help improve air quality.

Plant more flowers and trees

Draw a picture to encourage people to plant flowers and trees to improve the local environment.

Take care of the wildlife

Draw a picture of the animals and insects you would like to help to support the local wildlife.

Find out more

For more about the activity and workshops, email

This activity is being funded thanks to the Shared Prosperity Fund. More than £230,000 has been allocated to 26 programmes across Medway to make a difference to local communities.

Read more about how funding has been allocated to businesses, charities and community groups across Medway.