Rachel Moore is an exhibiting print artist and runs printmaking workshops online and from her studio on Rochester High Street.

Texts and emails are great but a phone call from someone you love is always welcome.

As part of the Welcome art project, Who Would Welcome a Call? invites viewers to take action and make a call through a display of people’s memories using phone boxes.

Each memory, whether it be a life changing announcement, a mundane conversation, or a recollection of the quirks that come with using a phone box, are captured on a reused BT phone card. 


The phonecards are on display in the BT telephone box next to Strood Post Office.

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To find out more about Rachel Moore and her work, you can follow:

Photograph of Printmaker Rachel Moore.
 Photograph of Rachel Moore by Joshua Atkins Photography.
Photograph of Rachel Moore next to her artwork, who would welcome a call. Lots of phonecards covering the inside of a phone box in Strood. Photograph credit to Laura Fisher.
Photograph of Rachel Moore standing next to her art installation. Photography by Laura Fisher.

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