Wendy Cottam is a Medway based mixed media artist with a focus on sculpture using plaster, clay and found objects.

She is inspired by the natural flora and fauna of Strood, the panoramic views across the Medway and the Victorian Strood born illustrator Ann Pratt.

As part of the Welcome art project, Wendy has created a life-size sculpture of Gaia ‘Mother Nature’, made from natural twine, plaster and oil paint.

The sculpture lights up to reveal from within her foliage an array of different birds, flowers and mice.

Enticing the viewer to further explore imagery drawn from their own imagination, next to the sculpture is a post box for people to write and draw images from their imagination. These will be shared on Wendy Cottam's Instagram.


The work is on display at Strood Library. It will be on display in the Medway Archives Centre, Bryant Road, Strood from September 2022 to November 2022.

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To find out more about Wendy Cottam and her work, you can follow:

Photograph of Wendy Cottam standing next to her Gaia Mother Nature installation. Credit to Laura Fisher.
Artist Wendy Cottam standing next to her sculpture of Gaia ‘Mother Nature’. Photography by Laura Fisher.

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