David Frankum is an artist, illustrator, designer and teacher. His artwork is a collection of sketchbook studies of people passing by each other in Rainham Precinct.

Each person is engrossed in their own stories yet they also blend into the backdrop of everyone they pass by. Here, they find a common yet unconnected space as they go about their daily business.

The stories and connections can write themselves when we stand back far enough.

Many of the actions of the people are quite ordinary and of the everyday but are areas of life which should be celebrated.

These are the moments we should be most grateful for as they bring a sense of togetherness and community.


You can see his artwork on the wall of The Star Grill in Rainham Precinct.

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To find out more about David Frankum and his work, you can follow:

sketch of a man on the street.sketch of a man holding flowers.

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