An updated open space assessment is required as supporting evidence for Medway’s emerging Local Plan.

What the study is

Management consultancy, Knight, Kavanagh & Page (KKP), have been appointed by Medway Council to carry out an assessment on Medway’s public open spaces.

Public open space provides opportunities for sport and recreation, socialising, tourism and wildlife. They make an important contribution to the health and well-being of communities, ecosystems and economies.

Up to date information is needed on Medway’s open spaces. This is to ensure that there is suitable provision of accessible, high quality open spaces that meet the needs and aspirations of local communities, local people and people who work in or visit the area.

About the survey

KKP ran a survey asking residents for their views on public open spaces in Medway. 

The results will provide valuable information we'll use to inform:

  • our new Local Plan
  • investment decisions as part of a strategy for public open spaces.

The results from the survey will be included with an open space study report that KKP will be providing. 

Further updates will be added here as we move forward with the study. 

Photograph of Hillyfields play area.
Photograph of Hillyfields play area in Gillingham.