I, Neil Davies, being the Returning Officer at the election of Councillors for High Halstow Parish held on Thursday 4 May 2023 do hereby give notice that the number of votes given for each candidate at the election was as follows:

Surname Other names Description Number of votes
Atkinson Linda Shirley   446
Collins Raymond Williams Independent 390
Crozer George Josiah Thomas Independent 700
Higgins Mark John   203
Khatkar Harjinder Singh (commonly known as Bill Khatkar   96
Kyne-Dinsdale Natalie Anne   353
Larkin Stacey Clare Louise   354
Stone Marylin Green Party 400
Watson Christine Anne (commonly known as Chris Watson)   399
Williams Brian Dennis   349

And declare that:

  • George Crozer
  • Linda Atkinson
  • Marilyn Stone
  • Chris Watson
  • Raymond Collins
  • Stacey Larkin
  • Natalie Kyne-Dinsdale
  • Brian Williams
  • Mark Higgins

have been duly elected as the councillors for the parish.

The number of votes rejected or not counted by me at this election was:

Reason Number of votes
For want of official mark 0
For voting for more candidates than entitled  9
For writing or marks by which the voter could be identified 0
For being unmarked or voided for uncertainty 9
Total 18

Verification statement

As Returning Officer, I declare that having concluded the verification of ballot papers:

  • The total number of verified ballot papers from the polling stations: 584
  • The total number of verified postal ballot papers: 168
  • The total number of ballot papers verified: 752
  • The electorate as of today: 1,576
  • Turnout: 47.72%

Neil Davies, Returning Officer, 5 May 2023