Published: Monday, 3rd October 2022

Medway residents and local businesses still have time to share their thoughts on how to improve the historical area between Rochester and Chatham with new funding.

The survey, open until Friday, 21 October, is aiming to find out what people like about Chatham Intra, what they do in the area and what can be improved.

We have been awarded £1.6million from the High Street Heritage Action Zone fund, from Historic England, for improvement works at the Sun Pier to Star Hill conservation area and residents are encouraged to have their say on what they think should be considered in regeneration plans.

The focus is on bringing the history and heritage of the area back to life, making it a vibrant place to visit and boosting the local economy by 2024. The programme has been running since 2020 with work underway, including property improvement grants to revitalise and reuse historic buildings, as well as a range of community and cultural activities.

The consultation’s five main themes include local history and identity, the waterfront, the high street, movement and transport and open spaces and sustainability.

Following the consultation, feedback will be included in future plans and considerations and mock up images will be produced.

View the consultation survey.

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