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We are pleased to announce that our Nordic walking training groups are now taking bookings.

For more information phone 01634 333 720 or email

About Nordic walking

Nordic walking is a great form of physical activity using a pair of specially designed Nordic walking poles.

It is a safe way to improve your natural walking technique alongside fitness levels by allowing the body to work in a balanced way.

Using Nordic walking poles means your walking becomes more efficient and increases the muscles working in the upper body. This means 90% of the body’s skeletal muscles are used, turning your normal walk into an all over body workout.

We offer up to 6-weeks of training that you are required to attend before joining a Nordic walking group. The course will teach you the technique required to join our regularly Nordic walking programme.

Poles will be provided for these sessions. We also offer a fast track training session for walkers who have their own Nordic walking poles.

A pair of Nordic walking poles.

Nordic walking poles.

Benefits of Nordic walking

Benefits of Nordic walking include:

  • enjoying the fresh air
  • the adventure of exploring Medway
  • enhancing your mood
  • mental health benefits
  • reducing mild anxiety and depression
  • improving and maintaining your fitness levels
  • reducing your blood pressure
  • improving your posture
  • being surrounded by nature
  • improving your back health
  • poles offering propulsion
  • stability during your walk
  • improved hand and eye co-ordination
  • improved and more efficient walking techniques
  • neck and shoulder pain relief and improved neck mobility
  • the same intensity of running without the high impact.

Discover more about Nordic walking in Medway: 

Self-guided walk

If you would like to try a self-guided walk, we have 11 routes to choose from.

Join a walk

For more information contact 01634 333 720 or email