The Partners for Green Growth scheme aims to help small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in Medway to become more sustainable and environmentally responsible.

Financial support of up to £2,500 is available.

The funding is to help businesses in the:

  • implementation of their decarbonisation plans
  • adoption of new processes that contribute to their net-zero journey.

The grant aims to offset some of the costs associated with sustainable initiatives and allow businesses to make meaningful progress towards their environmental goals.

The scheme is a part of Medway Council’s UK Shared Prosperity Fund and closes in March 2025.

The grant is highly competitive and the fund is limited. You are not guaranteed a grant and there is a thorough selection process in place.

What the grant will support

The grant will support:

  • the purchase and installation of material or equipment that improves the energy efficiency of a business and minimise operation costs
  • training programmes to ensure effective utilisation of energy-efficient materials and equipment
  • upgrading insulation and building structures to enhance overall energy performance
  • purchase and adoption of technologies that align with net-zero objectives, such as smart energy management systems.

The grant will not support:

  • routine operational costs - day-to-day business expenses that do not contribute to net-zero plans
  • non-essential upgrades - upgrades or purchases that are not essential for achieving net-zero goals or enhancing energy efficiency
  • initiatives that go against the principles of sustainability or have a negative environmental impact
  • proposals lacking clear objectives, plans, or specific goals related to energy efficiency
  • applications that do not fulfil all of the eligibility requirements stated below.

Applicants must submit their proof of expenditure to qualify for the grant which will reimburse the applicant for their decarbonisation. You must have already made purchases to decarbonise your business and provide proof of this.


Businesses from any industry sector can apply.

However, the business must:

  • be in Medway
  • be an SME
  • have a valid Green Audit certificate or demonstrate a detailed decarbonisation plan that outlines how the proposed interventions will contribute to Medway’s climate agenda and contribute to the overall sustainability goals.

A Green Audit certificate is a Net-zero Audit certificate that must be issued by a reputable organisation like the Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce or any other organisation that provides such services. The aim of the certificate is to provide proof that an audit report has been conducted for the business in their net-zero plan.


To apply to the scheme, you'll need to use our online form.

You'll need to tell us:

  • your personal details, including name and contact information
  • your business’ details
  • about your decarbonisation plan and how it aligns with Medway’s climate agenda
  • how you plan to use the grant.

You'll also need to provide:

  • proof of business address. For example, a business bank statement or utility bill
  • financial documentation, including financial accounts and business bank accounts and proof of expenditure and receipts
  • your Net-zero Audit certificate or your decarbonisation plan.

Register your interest in a Partners for Green Growth grant

What happens after

We may contact you if you do not provide enough information in your application.

We will aim to process your application within 60 days and contact you with the outcome.