Updates and closures

Changes to Rochester multi-storey car park

Rochester multi-storey car park no longer accepts coins or cash.

You can now pay using RingGo PayLater.

The Go Mobon location code has also changed to 59346.

Blue badge

If you're a Blue Badge holder you can still park for free in our ANPR car parks, but you must register your Blue Badge and vehicle details before you enter the car park.

Season tickets

We have automatically updated all existing season ticket holders and any new applications will be processed by our Parking Service. Please allow up to 7 to 10 working days for any new applications to be processed.

If you're a season ticket holder you do not need to contact us. 

You must continue to display your season ticket when parked.

Electric vehicle charging points

Electric vehicle charging has been suspended in this car park.

Local residents registered for the overnight charging scheme should use the Commercial Road Strood car park or Station Road Rainham car park. The same terms and conditions apply, there is no need to register.

Non-Medway Council EV charging points and individual terms and conditions can be found within the Connected Kerb app.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Rochester multi-storey car park (MSCP)
Cory's Road

Chargeable between 7am and 1am using card, contactless, Autopay, RingGo PayLater or the Go Mobon parking app. 

If you have any queries, you can either call from the help button at the barrier or contact the Parking Office by:

Short or long stay
Long stay (up to 18 hours - no return within 2 hours of leaving the car park)

Monday to Sunday from 7am to 1am (including bank holidays).

New charging period starts at 7am.

Time period in hours Charge
0 to 1 £1.80
1 to 2 £2.30
2 to 3 £2.80
3 to 5 £3.30
5+ £7.10
Number of spaces
Number of disabled spaces
Number of electric vehicle (EV) charging points
20 (2 disabled)
Payment type


You can pay by using the Go Mobon app on your phone.

The Go Mobon location code has now changed to 59346.

You can now also pay using RingGo PayLater.

This works in a slightly different way, you will not need to pay for parking until you return to your vehicle.

How RingGo PayLater works:

  • the ANPR camera will record your time of arrival
  • open the RingGo app or go to the RingGo website when you return to your vehicle
  • select the correct location code (59346)
  • select the duration of your stay
  • pay for your stay before leaving the car park
  • drive to the barrier and exit the car park.

If you do not enter the correct duration the barrier will not open. You will then need to either enter the RingGo app or website again, or use the contactless card option at the barrier, to pay for the balance of your parking.


You can register for Autopay and set up automatic parking payments.

Pay station

Pay using card or contactless at the pay station on the ground floor or level 2 before returning to your vehicle. You’ll need to enter your vehicle registration and pay the fee shown on the screen.

After you have paid

Once you have paid, you must return to your vehicle and leave the car park immediately. The camera will read your vehicle registration and raise the barrier.

Payment at exit barrier (ITSME)

Contactless card payment may be made by driving directly to the exit barrier. The camera will read your vehicle registration and you will then be asked to follow the instructions on the screen. 

RingGo car parking code


Go MOBON parking code
Motorcycle bays

There is motorcycle parking available in this car park. They're on the ground floor to the right on entry and are clearly marked.