Our household waste and recycling centres (HWRCs) at Capstone, Cuxton and Hoath Way are open for essential use only.

To visit you'll need to book an appointment. You'll only be able to visit the site you chose in the vehicle you told us about.

Privately-owned cars

You can take household waste to all 3 centres in a privately-owned car, including:

  • estate cars
  • 4x4s
  • 4x4s with an open back or separate cab
  • 4x4s with a pick-up 'hard top'.

You can bring large items on a private car roof rack, as long as the height of the waste and vehicle can fit under the 6 foot height barrier.

You can visit the centres in a hire vehicle, but please see the information below about vans and vehicles that are not permitted.

Cars with trailers

You can visit the centres in a car with a trailer.

Trailers must:

  • be no wider than the towing car
  • be no longer than 6 feet 8 inches long
  • hold a capacity of less than 35 cubic feet
  • not be filled over capacity, trailers filled over capacity will be refused entry.

Small, privately-owned vans

At Capstone waste and recycling centre you can also bring your household waste in a small-privately owned van.

This service is by appointment only on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

A small van is a vehicle that:

  • can comfortably fit under the 2 metre height barrier
  • has a single wheelbase
  • weighs less than 2 tonnes (including van contents).

Vehicles not permitted at any waste and recycling centre

The following vehicles are not permitted at any site:

  • sign-written vehicles, apart from taxis
  • transit vans
  • single cab pick-ups
  • large vans
  • any van with a trailer
  • Luton box vans
  • flatbed or drop sider vans
  • horseboxes or agricultural vehicles
  • motorbikes
  • bicycles
  • mobility scooters.