Equipment, adaptations, occupational therapists and trusted assessors

You may benefit from equipment or adaptations if you are struggling with tasks at home.


Before adapting your home, an occupational therapist or trusted assessor will find the best way for you to keep your independence. The assessment may take place:

  • at your home
  • on the phone
  • on a video call.

You’ll be assessed on:

  • if you can get in and out of your home
  • your access to facilities in your home
  • your ability to use the toilet
  • how you get out of a bed or chair
  • if you can make a hot drink and food.

To get an assessment, you should complete our online self-assessment, Better Care Medway.

If you need to contact us, you can also:


Equipment could include:

  • rails around the home
  • bathing equipment
  • chair and bed raisers
  • specialist chairs and shower chairs
  • hoists.

Paying for equipment

Some equipment can be loaned to you for free. If you have to pay, some or all cost can be covered by direct payments.

An occupational therapist can suggest a disabled facilities grant if major adaptations are needed.


Home adaptations could include:

  • wheelchair access within the home
  • lowering kitchen surfaces to wheelchair height
  • lifts to access upstairs
  • downstairs toilets or showers.

To get an assessment, you can contact us by:

Occupational therapy help

If you have a permanent and serious disability you may be able to get occupational therapy.

Assessments and advice may be given if you struggle:

  • getting in and out of their property to reach the public highway
  • getting access to essential facilities in their home
  • using the toilet
  • getting out of a bed or up from a chair
  • to prepare hot drinks and food 
  • maintaining personal hygiene.

You may be assessed in your home.

The Occupational Therapy Service will recommend what equipment or adaptations may be needed to help you stay independent.

If major adaptations are needed, the occupational therapist may recommend a Disabled Facilities Grant (you will need a financial assessment) and help you through the process.

Recommendations could include:

  • vertical lifts
  • level access showers or specialist bathing equipment
  • ground floor toilets
  • wheelchair access in the home such as widening doorways
  • lowering kitchen surfaces to wheelchair height
  • ground floor extensions
  • ramps for wheelchair access to and from the property.

You can request occupational therapy help by phoning 01634 334 466.