Charity collection complaints

A word of caution - leaflets which appear to be bogus may be genuine and those that look real could be fake. Also, if you want the collectors caught, you don't want to alert them to the possibility they'll be stopped.

If you think it's an unlicensed collections please contact the licensing team and we can tell you:

  • if we have granted a licence for the collection
  • if it has got a 'National Exemption Order' (NEO).  If it's not licensed (or exempt) then it will be passed to the licensing enforcement team to investigate further.

To assist us with the investigation we would be grateful if you could provide the following: 

  • the leaflet or bag - by sending it to the council or by emailing images by using a computer scanner or mobile phone.
  • any noted down details such as the vehicle registration number and description of the people

To complain about a misleading leaflet or bag appealing for clothing donations please contact Trading Standards. After the collection day, you can complain to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) if you think the leaflet or bag was misleading. 

Also, the police may be able to take action themselves using the Fraud Act 2006

Theft of bags:  If you see anyone taking filled bags before the official collector arrives, note details (such as the vehicle registration number and description) and ring the police immediately.

Please also notify the Charity Commission so that they can gather information on offenders and work with their partners to combat and raise awareness of fraud.