Underage sale restrictions

Some products are age restricted due to the impact they could have on children. This means that businesses and traders must not sell these products to those below the age of sale and check the age of consumers if in any doubt.

To protect yourself from prosecution, you should:

  • ask customers to show you proof of age with a passport or driving licence
  • display age restriction notices clearly
  • keep a list of the times you have refused to sell an age restricted product including a description of the person, the product they were buying, the date and time and their age, address or name (if known)
  • train staff to keep record of all their training and sign records to prove they’ve received the training.

Products restricted to those 16 or over include:

  • liqueur chocolates.

Products restricted to those aged 18 or over include:

  • alcohol
  • cigarettes and cigarette papers
  • e-cigarettes
  • scratch cards
  • lottery tickets
  • solvents
  • weapons
  • fireworks.