Costs and payment

How to pay your allotment invoice

What you'll need

To pay, you'll need your allotments invoice number and payment amount. You can find these on your most recent invoice.

View a sample invoice that shows how to find these.

You'll also need:

  • your contact details
  • a credit or debit card
  • the cardholder's details.

Pay your allotment invoice online

You can also pay by phoning 01634 332 803.

Email if you have any billing queries or cannot pay.

Renting an allotment

You can rent an allotment for a small yearly fee. The cost will depend on the plot size and the facilities available, such as water or a shed.

Allotment costs

The cost of an allotment in Medway is:

  • 25p per square metre without water
  • 35p per square metre with water.