We own garages for rent in Twydall, Gillingham and Rainham. Specific locations are detailed on the application form.  

You can rent a garage in Medway:

  • if you’re not a council tenant
  • if you do not have any outstanding debts to Medway Council.

New garage applications

Due to high demand for garages we're not taking any new garage applications. 

Apply to rent a garage

The cost of renting a garage is:

  • £15.08* (£65.35* per month) for non-council tenants
  • £12.57 (£54.47 per month) for council tenants.

* inclusive of VAT

If you apply and accept a garage, you'll need to pay a £50 deposit plus one month rent in advance. Read the garage terms and conditions for more information.

If there is not a garage available to rent when you apply, you’ll be placed on a waiting list.

Pay garage rent

You can pay your garage rent by making an online payment or by setting up a direct debit.

Set up a direct debit for garage rent

Pay your garage rent

Manage your garage

You will be charged for any damage you cause to the garage, and we will not accept any liability if any items in your garage are lost, stolen or damaged.

You must:

  • pay your garage rent by Direct Debit
  • not sublet your garage
  • not use your garage as a workshop or for repairing or respraying other people’s vehicles
  • not store any materials that could catch fire, except the fuel in the tank of your vehicle
  • give the council 7 days' notice if you no longer want to use your garage.

Ending your garage tenancy

Find out how to end your tenancy.