Moving out

Before you move out you’ll need to:

  • give us a minimum of 4 weeks’ notice by completing and sending us either a notice of termination of tenancy form or a deceased tenant termination form
  • inform Medway Council Housing Revenues and Benefits Service to update your records
  • pay any outstanding rent
  • surrender your tenancy by completing a surrender tenancy form and sending it to the address above
  • phone Mears on 01634 333 601 to arrange a pre-void inspection of your home.

You’ll also need to end your garage rental agreement if you rent a garage.

Before you move out

Before you move out you must:

  • return all keys, including garage and shed keys, by 12 noon on the Monday your tenancy ends. If you return them late you’ll be charged an extra week’s rent
  • leave all the landlord’s fixtures such as kitchen units, doors and gas fires
  • leave the property secure: shut all windows and doors, turn the services off at the mains
  • ensure you don’t leave any bare wires or open gas pipes
  • get a qualified engineer to disconnect the cooker
  • leave the property clean and tidy and remove all items such as rubbish, furniture and carpets. You’ll be charged for the removal of anything left.

Property inspection

You’ll need to leave the property in a good condition. Your property will be inspected by Mears and they’ll advise you on what you need to do to avoid being charged for works. If there is damage to walls and fixtures you’ll be charged for repairs.

If you’re a secure tenant and have made home improvements that have increased the value of the property we’ll identify these and may compensate you.

Learn more about home improvement compensation.

If you have any questions about the termination of your tenancy contact the Housing Tenancy Team by: