While we’re making a decision on your homeless application if we believe that you are homeless and are in urgent need of housing assistance, we will place you in emergency temporary accommodation.

We will carry out an initial assessment to decide if you are in need of temporary accommodation based on priority need.

You’ll be in priority need if you:

  • or someone you live with is pregnant
  • have dependent children
  • are under 18
  • are a care leaver under 21

You may also have a priority need if you, someone you live with or someone that might be expected to live with you is vulnerable due to:

  • old age, mental illness or physical disability
  • having fled from domestic violence
  • having previously been fostered or in care
  • having served in the UK armed forces
  • having been in prison or custody

You may be placed anywhere in Medway but you can tell us about your situation, such as your child’s school or disabled access, and we’ll try to make arrangements to fit your needs.  If you refuse the accommodation without a valid reason, you’ll have to make other arrangements but we will continue your homeless application.

While you’re in temporary accommodation, we’ll look into more secure accommodation and assess your situation.

For more information read our Guide to Temporary Accommodation