Landlord accreditation

The Kent Landlords Accreditation Scheme recognises good landlords and agents who run successful businesses and provide good quality, safe accommodation.

To apply for landlord accreditation:

Register at the UK Landlord Accreditation Partnership, book and pay the fee for a one-day accreditation training.

Benefits of accreditation

If you get accredited, you’ll get:

  • recognition that you are a good landlord and agent
  • preferential treatment by universities
  • regularly updated reference material
  • regular updates

You will also be re-accredited after five years if you comply with the code of conduct.

How to become accredited

To become accredited, you must:

  • attend a one-day accreditation training (register for training at the UK Landlord Accreditation Partnership at a fee)
  • know the rules and regulations on landlord and tenancy issues, health and safety, contracts and property management
  • follow a code of conduct that involves complying with the law and carrying out urgent works quickly and drawing up plans of action if work needs to be done
  • not act in a manner that reflects poorly on KLAS (Kent Landlord Accreditation Scheme)
  • not have committed any offences or had actions taking against you such as harassment, discrimination and legal orders

Request information about landlord training and book a course

Continuous professional development

Most events give you information that count towards your CPD like going to local landlord groups, doing additional training and seminars and membership to landlord/agent’s organisations.

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