If you convert your same sex civil partnership to marriage, you'll no longer be known as civil partners, but as spouses (for example husband or wife).

Once converted, your new marriage certificate will be dated from the beginning of your civil partnership.

You can convert your same sex civil partnership to marriage at any time by either a:

You cannot convert a civil partnership between opposite sex couples. 

Standard conversion

You'll attend an appointment at Medway Register Office, similar to giving notice.

You'll sign the declaration and be given a copy of your marriage certificate.

A standard conversion costs £50. Certificates cost £12.50 each.

Booking your appointment

To book your conversion appointment, contact Medway Register Office by:

You'll be told what ID you need to bring when you book your appointment.

Standard conversion appointment

The appointment will take around 60 minutes.

You'll answer some questions, similar to when you gave notice, such as your:

  • current and previous names
  • date of birth
  • address
  • job titles
  • date and place of civil partnership
  • parents' names and job titles.

We'll also verify your ID and you'll pay the standard conversion fee.

You'll then sign your completed declaration and be given your marriage certificate.

There are no witnesses to the conversion.

Conversion followed by a ceremony

A conversion followed by a ceremony is a standard conversion that is followed by a ceremony.

You must have your ceremony within 12 months of your standard conversion.

If you decide to have a ceremony after 12 months, you'll need to complete another standard conversion.

Conversion followed by a ceremony appointment

Your conversion followed by a ceremony appointment will be the same as a standard conversion appointment except you will:

  • not sign your declaration (this is done at your ceremony)
  • not be given your marriage certificate until after your ceremony (collected in person or posted to you)
  • pay your ceremony fees as well as your conversion fee (if your ceremony venue is in Medway).

If your ceremony is being run by a registrar, they'll keep your declaration and bring it to your ceremony with them.

If you're having a religious ceremony, you'll be given the declaration to give to your venue.

Your conversion ceremony

Your conversion ceremony can take place at any venue that allows same sex couples to get married.

Find out more about planning your ceremony

Choices booklet

You'll be given a Choices booklet if your ceremony is at a Medway venue.

In this, you'll need to tell us your ceremony details, including:

  • who is giving the bride away (if applicable)
  • what readings you would like (if any)
  • your ceremony music choices.

You'll need to return this one month before your ceremony. Make sure you complete your Choices booklet fully as there are no rehearsals.