Book an appointment to give notice

Giving notice

Before you marry or enter into a civil partnership, it is a legal requirement that both of you must give notice at the register office in the district where you live.

You must arrange a date and venue for your ceremony before you can book an appointment to give notice.

Appointments are available from 10am to 3pm, Monday to Friday.

Book an appointment to give notice

Alternatively, you can book by calling Medway Register Office on 01634 338 899 or emailing

If you and your partner live in different districts you will need to attend separate register offices to give notice.

A legal wedding must take place in a building approved for the celebration of marriages. Wedding ceremony venues can be used for civil partnerships ceremonies. Some religious buildings can also be used for civil partnerships.

The notices of marriage must be given in person and are valid for 12 months. Bookings for the actual ceremony or civil partnership formation can be made before this. You must have lived in a district for a minimum of seven days immediately before you give your notice there.

Find out about marriages and civil partnerships in the UK on GOV.UK.