Planning the ceremony

A ceremony venue must be booked before you can give notice of marriage or a civil partnership. You’ll need to provide the venue details as part of giving notice.

You, as a couple, will need to decide what type of ceremony you want. Depending on what ceremony you choose, the process will be different.

Choose the type of ceremony

You can have a:

  • civil ceremony
  • religious ceremony
  • Church of England (CofE) ceremony.

You cannot have a religious ceremony if you're planning a civil partnership.

You can also get married or form a civil partnership if you're housebound or detained or having a deathbed ceremony.

Civil ceremonies

A civil ceremony is non-religious and run by a legal official known as a registrar. The ceremony must take place in a licensed venue.

Find a civil ceremony venue in Medway

You'll need to pay ceremony fees, which include:

Ceremony fees

You'll need to pay a non-refundable fee to book your ceremony date with Medway Register Office. This costs £60.

You'll also need to pay a fee for the ceremony to take place. Find out more about ceremony fees.

Marriage or civil partnership certificates cost £11 each including postage.

Giving notice fees

You'll need to pay a fee to give notice.

Religious ceremonies

A religious ceremony is held at a place of worship that is registered for marriages. A religious minister (or other authorised person) will run the ceremony and sign the marriage schedule or document.

If there is no authorised person, you’ll need to book a registrar which costs £86.

Find a place of worship registered for marriage in Medway

Church of England (CofE) ceremonies

You can book and arrange a ceremony with your church.

A CofE ceremony will be run by a vicar in a church and can include Bible readings, hymns and prayers.

Same sex couples cannot get married in a CofE church.

Find a CofE church near you

Other circumstances

If you're housebound or detained

You can get married or form a civil partnership if a person is housebound or detained and cannot go to a licensed ceremony venue.

Email for ceremony and giving notice fees.

Deathbed ceremonies (Marriage by Registrar General's Licence)

A deathbed ceremony is a marriage or civil partnership that takes place when a person is seriously ill and has little to no chance of recovery.

Email for more information.