How to pay

You can pay by cash, card, RingGo PayLater, AutoPay and GoMobon.

Pay station

Pay using cash, card or contactless at the payment terminal before returning to your vehicle. You'll need to enter your vehicle registration and pay the fee shown on the screen. The terminals do not give change.

Exit barrier (ITSME)

Contactless card payment can be made by driving directly to the exit barrier. The camera will read your vehicle registration. Follow the instructions on the screen to pay.

RingGo PayLater

The option to pay using RingGo will remain. But instead of paying before you leave your vehicle, you pay for parking when you return to your vehicle. You'll be using RingGo PayLater instead.

How RingGo PayLater works:

  1. the ANPR camera will record your time of arrival
  2. open the RingGo app or go to the RingGo website when you return to your vehicle
  3. select the correct location code
  4. select the duration of your stay
  5. pay for your stay before leaving the car park
  6. drive to the barrier and exit the car park.

If you do not enter the correct duration the barrier will not open. You will then need to either enter the RingGo app or website again, or use the contactless card option at the barrier, to pay for the balance of your parking.


You can register for AutoPay to set up automatic parking payments. This means you’ll never need to visit a payment machine again. Signing up is easy, fast and secure.

Once you've set up an account and added your vehicle and payment details, payment will be taken directly from your nominated debit or credit card when you leave the car park.