Red route locations

Red routes are now in place at:

  1. Corporation Street between The Esplanade continuing onto Star Hill
  2. Star Hill between Corporation Street and New Road/City Way
  3. Best Street between Union Street and Railway Street
  4. The Brook between The Brook Theatre, Whiffen’s Avenue and the junction of New Road (including Union Street)
  5. A2 Rainham High Street between Maidstone Road and High Dewar Road.

Maps of the red routes

The maps below show where the red routes are and where new loading bays have been added.

The map below shows red routes 1 and 2.

Red route map showing route from Corporation Street, Star Hill to Star Hill

The map below shows red routes 3 and 4.

Red routes map showing the existing bus route from The Brook to Best Street

The map below shows red route 5.

Red route map showing the A2 Rainham high street, including existing parking bay,  bus routes and loading bays.

To find out more information, you can download more detailed maps on the red routes.