Our red routes proposal for Medway

We’re proposing to introduce a network of red routes in locations across Medway.

With our proposal, important transport links will be turned into red routes. A red route will have double red lines along the kerb and signs on and around the road.

Motorists can not stop, load or park along these roads at any time, keeping space free for traffic flow.

With less congestion, you can expect less delays on services like public bus routes.

Red routes also stop illegal and unsafe parking, helping to create a safer and more efficient network for all road users.

No formal parking or loading bays will be impacted under the new proposal and all bus stops and pedestrian crossings will be maintained.

More efficient use of our roads could mean more active and sustainable transport improvements like bus lanes and dedicated cycle paths. 


We plan to roll the programme out in phases.

As part of the first phase, we’re focusing on 5 strategic routes:

  1. Corporation Street between The Esplanade continuing onto Star Hill
  2. Star Hill between Corporation Street and New Road/City Way
  3. Best Street between Union Street and Railway Street
  4. The Brook between The Brook Theatre, Whiffen’s Avenue and the junction of New Road (including Union Street)
  5. A2 Rainham High Street between Maidstone Road and High Dewar Road.

Maps of the proposed red routes

The map below shows the proposed red routes 1 and 2.

Red routes corporation street map

The map below shows the proposed red routes 3 and 4.

Red routes The Brook Best Street map

The map below shows the proposed red route 5.

Red routes Rainham high street map

To find out more information, you can download more detailed maps on the proposed red routes.