How our red routes will work

To enforce our red routes, we will use smart cameras to identify and fine motorists who illegally park or stop.

There will be a warning period when the red routes first start so residents and road users understand the new system.

Once the warning period is over, motorists who do not follow the road rules will be fined.

Any funds from fines issued to motorists who illegally park or stop will be put back into our streets to improve our road network.


Motorists can not stop, load, or park along red routes at any time.

No formal parking or loading bays will be affected under the new proposal.

When traveling on a red route, motorists must only park or stop their vehicles in designated parking bays showing the P (parking) symbol.


Red routes will not apply to emergency services vehicles, which are free to stop wherever needed.

Blue Badge holders and licenced taxis can stop on a red route to pick up or drop someone off, if they move promptly.