Past consultation feedback

In July we asked you for feedback on our proposal to introduce a network of red routes in Medway.

We received over 975 responses to our online survey. We also spoke to more than 60 businesses about their loading and access needs. 

We used your feedback to improve the plans to ensure they meet the needs of residents and businesses.

Changes we've made

New loading bays

We've added new loading bays including:

  • 1 on Corporation Street
  • 1 on Star Hill
  • 3 on A2 Rainham High Street. 

Clear signs

Clear signage will be provided, and our engineers have reviewed where signs will go to ensure motorists can see them. 

Temporary specific exemptions

We've made it possible to apply for temporary site specific exemptions for things including moving house. These exemptions will be approved on a case-by-case basis. 

Blue badge holders

There were some concerns about Blue Badge holders and being able to pick up and drop people off. Blue badge holders will still be able to pick up and drop people off as long as they move off promptly. 

Cabinet decisions

Plans were updated and Cabinet decided the project should progress to the next stage.

View the September Cabinet report

In October another review was completed. It was decided that the proposals with amended designs would progress to statutory consultation.