Develop a property or estate

Develop a small property or estate

If you're a developer of a small property or development, you need to contact the street naming and numbering team as soon as you start work on site.

This will allow plenty of time for your development to be registered and help you get utility services installed at the appropriate time.

Develop a large estate

If you're a developer of a large estate, copies of the site layout drawing and location plans must be provided to the council's street naming and numbering team once you start work on site. We'll then process the naming of any new streets and the numbering of the properties.

Any proposed street names will be consulted on with the Royal Mail and the emergency services, as well as the parish council if necessary. This process takes two weeks.

The street naming and numbering team aims to retain local history with regards to road names. We'll carry out research on development sites to ensure appropriate names are used. 

A naming and numbering schedule will be finalised and sent out to all relevant consultees, which should be used to inform all prospective buyers of their new property address.

Please see our street naming and numbering conventions