Change a property’s name

If your property has a name and not a postal number and you wish to change the name, you have to obtain approval from the council.

This is to ensure that there is not another property known by the same name in the same road or vicinity, as this can cause problems for the emergency services in locating the property.

Any request to change a property name should be put in writing to the council, including:

  • your name
  • present full address of the property
  • new house name.

If your preferred name is not acceptable after consulting with Royal Mail, we'll ask you for an alternative.

We'll let you know once your name is approved.

A fee is charged to cover administration and postal charges as the council needs to let consultees know of this change.

Add a name to a property

If you have a postal number, a house name cannot be formally registered against your property. However, you're allowed to erect a name plaque on your property of your chosen name and include this on an informal basis within your address.

You must keep your postal number visible on your property and continue to quote it in all correspondence. 

You should notify the council of your chosen name so that the necessary checks can be undertaken with Royal Mail to ensure there is no duplicate name in the vicinity.

Please see our street naming and numbering conventions