Changes to house numbering and road naming incur different charges depending on the nature of work.

Type of charge


Registering a new property or building (ie one property or building)


Registering 2-10 properties


Registering 11-20 properties


Registering up to 30 properties


Registering up to 50 properties


Registering up to 60 properties


Registering more than 60 properties


Amend previously confirmed naming and numbering schedule and resend

£70.50 per property

Amend a road name (excluding advertising costs, replacement SNPs etc)


Amend a house or building name


Amend a house number


Amend property details

£72.50 per flat

Charge for amending property details


Historical information relating to street naming and numbering (solicitor enquiries, ancestral information etc)


Registering a hotel


Annual fee to utilities