Older person's bus pass

Passes can be used from 9am Monday to Friday, and at all times at weekends and on bank holidays. 



You can get a free older person's bus pass if you:

  • are a Medway resident
  • have reached the state pension age for women. Check when you qualify by visiting GOV.UK.

If you're not a Medway resident find out how to apply for an older person's bus pass outside of Medway.

Proof you must provide with your application

You must provide evidence of your address and age before we can issue you with an older person's bus pass. Proof of age covers proof of identity. Your proof must be clear and readable.

Proof of age and identity

To prove your age and identity you’ll need to provide a copy of one of the following:

  • passport
  • driving licence
  • birth certificate or adoption certificate
  • marriage certificate or civil partnership certificate
  • government retirement pension letter.

Proof of current Medway address

If you give us consent to check our Council Tax records you do not need to provide proof that you live in Medway.

If you do not give us consent to check our records, you’ll need to provide a copy of one of the following:

  • Medway Council Tax bill
  • utility bill
  • bank statement.

Your documents must be dated within the last 12 months.


You’ll need to provide a photo to be displayed on your bus pass. Your photo should be of your head and shoulders and meet the guidelines for passport photos. Please note that we are unable to use the image from your passport or driving licence.

Apply online

You can apply for a bus pass up to 8 weeks before it is needed. Please allow 6 weeks for applications to be processed.

If you apply online your bus pass is likely to arrive quicker.

We'll accept electronic documents, scanned copies or clearly readable photographs of your proof.

Apply for an older person’s bus pass

I'm not usually good with online forms ... But this was the easiest I have ever had to do.

Public computers are available in our libraries and community hubs for you to complete the online form.

Apply in writing by post

You can also apply for a bus pass by downloading, printing and completing a paper form and returning it to us.  

Please only send clear photocopies of your evidence. Do not send original documents. 

Download PDF paper application form

You can also ask staff in our contact points and community hubs to help you download and print an application form to be completed by hand. 

Apply by phone

Phone us on 01634 333 333 if you need help applying. 

After you’ve applied

We'll review your application, and if approved we'll aim to issue you with a new bus pass within 6 weeks.

If we've any questions about your application, we’ll contact you on the phone number or email address you provided when you applied. 

We will not refund the cost of any bus tickets you buy while you're waiting for your older person’s bus pass to arrive.

Please note that confirmation of an application made with a reference number will not allow you to travel. Only holding the older person's bus pass with a valid photo will allow you to travel. Ensure that you apply in advance (up to 8 weeks) to allow for your application to be processed.