Renew a bus pass

You can renew your bus pass up to 8 weeks before it expires. You should allow 6 weeks for your application to be processed.

Your new pass will be not sent until a week before your old pass expires.

It’s your responsibility to renew your pass. Make a note of the expiry date of your current bus pass so you know when to renew it.

You can apply for a disabled person's bus pass if you are a Medway resident. If you're not a Medway resident find out how to renew for an older person's bus pass outside of Medway.

What you’ll need to provide

You'll need to provide proof of identity.

If you’ve moved since your last pass was issued, you’ll need to provide proof of your current Medway address.

If you’ve changed your name since your last pass was issued, for example you’ve got married, you’ll need to provide proof of your name change.

We can use your existing picture held on the system, or you can submit a new photo if your appearance has changed, or you wish to have a new picture on the card.

Disabled person’s bus pass

When you renew a disabled person’s bus pass you’ll also need to provide evidence that you qualify for the pass under any one of the following categories:

  • have a disabled person’s Blue Badge
  • receive 8 points or more under the 'Moving around' or 'Communicating verbally' categories of the Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
  • receive 10 points or more on 'Planning and following' under the mobility criteria activities of PIP
  • receive the higher rate Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance
  • receive War Pensioner's Mobility Supplement
  • are blind or partially sighted
  • are profoundly or severely deaf in both ears
  • are without speech
  • have a walking disability or injury which has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on your ability to walk
  • have no arms or cannot use both of your arms
  • have a substantial learning difficulty
  • attend a special school due to a disability
  • would be refused a driving licence on medical grounds

Find out what evidence you’ll need to provide for each category.

Renew online

Renewing online is quick and easy and means:

  • you will not need to post copies of your documents to us
  • you’ll only answer questions that are relevant to your situation
  • you’ll get your bus pass quicker

Renew an older person’s bus pass online

Renew a disabled person’s bus pass online

I can't believe this has been such an easy usable experience.

Public computers are available in our libraries and community hubs for you to complete the online form.

Renew in writing by post

You can also renew your bus pass by downloading, printing, completing and returning a paper form to us.

Download disabled person's bus pass PDF application form

Download older person's bus pass PDF application form

Renew by phone

Phone us on 01634 333 333 if you need help applying.

After you’ve renewed your pass

  • We'll review your renewal application, and if approved we'll aim to issue you with a new bus pass within 6 weeks. If you're renewing a pass, you will not receive this until one week before your existing pass expires. 
  • If we've any questions about your renewal, we’ll contact you on the phone number or email address you provided when you applied. 
  • We will not refund the cost of any bus tickets you buy while you're waiting for your new pass to arrive.

Changing personal details

If you change your name, or your address within the Medway Council area, your bus pass still remains valid and you can continue to use it until the expiry date.

When you renew your pass you can tell us about your change of name or address, and will need to provide proof of the change, for example by providing a marriage certificate for name change. These details will then be used for your new bus pass.