Make a family solutions (early help) referral

Our early help is now known as family solutions.

Use our online form to request an intensive family solutions intervention for a family in need.

To complete the form, you must tell us:

  • whether an early help assessment has been done. If you tell us an early help assessment has been done, you must upload a copy
  • whether the family understands how the information you give will be used
  • what your concerns are about the child, what’s going well for them and what’s changed to prompt your referral
  • about the capacity of the parents or other family members to meet the child’s needs
  • what support has already been provided and what that has achieved

It would be helpful to also provide:

  • the child’s details, primary carer and family details
  • an alternative contact if you’re not available
  • the child’s drawings, body maps or any other supporting documentation
  • an indication of the type of help that’s needed

Make a family solutions referral online

For security, the form will ask you to start again after 30 minutes of inactivity

You may want to have important documents and details to hand before you start to complete the form.

If you make an error when you fill in the forms, or you need to change any of the details you’ve given us, please phone us on 01634 334 466.