Smoke nuisance

Smoke from garden bonfires, wood burning stoves, industrial premises and those who wrongly burn their waste can affect surrounding property if the smoke and smell stops neighbours hanging out their washing, opening windows and using outdoor areas.

Always try and resolve problems by letting your neighbour know that smoke has been causing an issue.

If you believe a fire is dangerous, please call the Fire and Rescue Service immediately on 999.

Smoke coming from a business or industrial premises

It is an offence to emit dark smoke from industrial or trade premises. This includes any premises being used for a trade such as a house where work is being done.

Businesses are not allowed to burn any commercial waste, and must dispose of waste legally. 

How to report smoke nuisance

If you are suffering from a smoke nuisance, we encourage you to speak to the person or business creating the problem. If this is unsuccessful, you can report it.

Report a smoke nuisance

Please note that we are unlikely to deal with a one-off situation in a formal way unless the nuisance is particularly significant or is affecting a large number of households.