Smells and odours

We can deal with the following smells and odours:

  • fumes from boilers
  • build up of waste (such as from dog fouling and food items)
  • odour from the way animals are being kept
  • filthy premises
  • odour from industrial, trade or business premises (such as food premises, sewage sludge spread as fertiliser on farms and business using solvents and paint)

We don't have the power to deal with cooking odours from domestic premises, such as people's homes.

For an odour to be classed as a statutory nuisance, it must seriously affect an individual's use or enjoyment of their property.

To be a nuisance, the odour must occur continuously for a period of time and be a frequent problem.

An officer will visit the affected property to witness the odour. If they agree that it is a nuisance and may reoccur, a legal notice will be served to stop further nuisances.

Report an air pollution nuisance