Medway 2035

Medway 2035 sets out the regeneration aims and objectives for Medway across eight priority areas.

The objectives of Medway 2035 include:

  • the development of around 30,000 new homes at major new developments such as Rochester Riverside and Chatham Waterfront
  • preserving and maintaining what makes Medway special from our river, ecology and green spaces to the culture and heritage of Medway
  • meeting the needs of Medway and its residents through infrastructure such as health, social care and wellbeing, education, transport and culture
  • supporting economic prosperity by supporting new and growing businesses, providing high-quality accommodation and offering a range of highly-skilled and well-paid jobs

Medway 2035 will be accompanied by a Regeneration Delivery Plan - a framework for delivering the identified objectives, with short, medium and long-term actions.

Medway 2035 consultation

Medway 2035 was consulted on as part of the development of the Local Plan between 16 March 2018 and 25 June 2018.

Once we have considered the responses of the consultation, the final Medway 2035 documents will be published later in the year with the Regeneration Delivery Plan.