We provide unpaid work experience placements for a wide variety of people. You could be a school, college or university student, graduate, unemployed or an adult with learning or physical disabilities.

By taking part in work experience you can gain:

  • practical knowledge to support theoretical learning
  • an insight into a potential future career
  • skills employers look for
  • a workplace reference to help with new employment
  • confidence in the workplace after a long absence, for example redundancy, childcare or ill-health.

Hybrid working

Some of our office-based staff are hybrid working. This means there will be fewer office work experience opportunities available going forward.

However, we're still committed to supporting work experience wherever we can, and will do our best to secure suitable placements. 


Work experience is a period of unpaid work offered to students or residents of Medway.


Your manager will agree your working hours with you. You will not work for more than 8 hours a day. And you will not start before 7am or finish later than 7pm. You will also work no more than 5 consecutive days out of 7. You’ll have regular breaks throughout the day.

Health and safety

Responsible managers will ensure that appropriate risk management measures are in place to enable you to work safely.

You’ll need to work safely, following the safety instructions you’ll receive.

Induction, confidentiality and code of conduct

As part of your induction into your service area you’ll need to sign the work experience code of conduct and a confidentiality agreement.

How to apply

You can only apply for a placement during February and October.

Find out how to apply.