Existing Designated Premises Supervisor

The DPS are expected to know all the conditions on your premises licence and to have made provisions with your staff so that none of these conditions are breached. You must also know the hours you are authorised for the licensable activities you have been granted by the Licensing Authority.

If you operate outside of your licence by increasing hours or holding an activity you're not licensed for, legal action may be taken against the DPS and Premises License holder (even if you're not on the premise at the time of the offence). A responsible authority or interested party can also call for a review of the premise licence.

Problems at the premise

If you have any problems at the premises please call the relevant authorities for advice and support as it is best to hear incriminating information by the DPS than by other means. We work with licenses to help them implement the four licensing objectives.

During an enforcement visit, the DPS is expected to make time to speak and help officers complete their duties by providing all the legal requirements under the Licensing Act 2003, such as producing the Premises Licence, showing where the summary is on display and producing their personal licence.

Our licensing enforcement team will notify you if you haven't handled a situation in the right way or if you are not completing your role efficiently enough. If the team feels that the situation has not improved, the council and police licensing enforcement teams may speak with the Premises Licence Holder and the company you work for.

If an appointed DPS is considering leaving

If the DPS is no longer responsible for the premises, the premises must immediately stop the sale or retail of alcohol until a new DPS has been officially appointed through an application to the council. If a DPS is no longer a personal licence holder, the premises must stop the sale of alcohol until the relevant application has been submitted.

If you no longer wish to be the DPS for the premises you will need to complete a form to withdraw your consent from the premises. Until this is completed, even if you leave the premises, you are still held accountable and could be prosecuted for licensing offences taking place in your absence. You can contact the licensing unit to get this form or complete our form.

You can download this form withdrawing consent to be designated premises supervisor (92.8KB).