What is a review?

There is no renewal requirement for existing licensed premises (premises licences or club premises certificates) to ensure that responsible operators who comply with the licensing objectives can operate with a minimum of interference. The government installed a 'Review' procedure into the Licensing Act 2003 to deal with licensed premises that are a problem to the local community or responsible authorities.

The review procedure allows certain parties to present evidence to a licensing hearing panel addressing the problems with a particular premises that holds a licence or certificate. The review must relate to at least one of the licensing objectives. When presenting this evidence, a panel can decide the relevant course of action such as revoking, suspending, or amending the licence by adding conditions or restricting the licensable activities and hours, or the panel can refuse the review to leave the licence or certificate in its current format.

Only one review will normally be permitted within any 12-month period on similar grounds unless there are exceptional circumstances or if a review arises after a closure order has been given by police. The Act allows the licensing authority to consider if the application is repetitious or unnecessary which they can then refuse on this basis.

There are no fees payable to the council for any party or individual who applies for a review of an existing licence or certificate.