Publishing the notice

After submitting your application and the Local Authority officially receives it as a fully completed application you will be required to advertise your application in a local newspaper.  The wording of the notice is the same as the notice displayed on the premises.

Period of time until its published in a newspaper

It must be advertised on at least one occasion during the period of 10 working days from the date the Local Authority officially received the application.

Newspapers in Medway

To assist you in this matter we have listed the publications that circulate in Medway.

Kent Messenger Ltd

Kent Messenger and Medway KM Extra
Messenger House
New Hythe Lane
Kent  ME20 6SG. 
Phone: 01622 717 880
Fax: 01622 719 637


Medway Messenger

Medway House
Ginsbury Close
Sir Thomas Longley Road
Medway City Estate
Kent  ME2 4DU
Phone: 01634 227 800.