The government is constantly changing and reviewing legislation.  To assist licence holders we have provided links to relevant proposals and areas that have recently been updated.

Licensing Act 2003

Proposals to amend the Licensing Act 2003 so that certain entertainment activities in defined circumstances no longer require a licence.


Proposals to amend the Mandatory Conditions set by the Secretary of State.


The government updated the guidance on the licensing legislation in June 2014.


Proposal to add another licensing objective relating to Public Health and to exempt circuses. 


The PRSR Act 2011 also enabled the Secretary of State to prescribe that licensing fee levels be set locally.  The Home Office intends to introduce regulations.


Proposal to abolish Personal Licence 

  • The Government has listened to the views received in response to the consultation and in discussion with partners has decided not to proceed with the proposal to abolish the system of personal licences. During the consultation on deregulation and discussions with partners, a number of suggestions were made to further develop and tighten the existing system, rather than to deregulate it. A summary of those points is included in the "Analysis of the supporting evidence‟ section of this document. The Government welcomed these suggestions in the context of its consultation on proposed deregulation. Reforms to the licensing regime must be proportionate and cost effective. The Government has no immediate plans to take these forward at this time. However, it will maintain an on-going, open dialogue with its partners and ensure that any proposed changes to alcohol licensing continue to strike a balance between removing unnecessary bureaucracy for responsible businesses but maintaining important safeguards.