Club Gaming Permit

A club registered under Part II will be treated as if it holds a 'Club Gaming Permit' under the Gambling Act 2005.  These arrangements will expire on the date on which your current registration is due to expire.

It is important to note that you must abide by any rules relating to the new permits in the Gambling Act 2005, accompanying regulations and by the Gambling Commission Code of Practice.

This permit will entitle you to have no more than three gaming machines (clubs to decide between machines):

  • Category B3A (only one allowed) - maximum stake of £2 and maximum prize of £500
  • Category B4 - maximum stake of £2 and maximum prize of £400
  • Category C - maximum stake of £1 and maximum prize of £100
  • Category D - non-money prize (other than crane grab machines) - maximum stake of 30p and maximum prize of £8
  • Category D - non-money prize (crane grab machine) - maximum stake of £1 and maximum prize of £50 
  • Category D - money prize - maximum stake of 10p and maximum prize of £5
  • Category D - combined money and non-money prize (other than coin pusher or penny falls machines) - maximum stake of 10p and maximum prize of £8 (no more than £5 may be a money prize)
  • Category D - combined money and non-money prize (coin pusher or penny falls machine) - maximum stake of 20p and maximum prize of £20 (no more than £10 may be a money prize).


A Club Machine Permit has certain conditions including:

  • no child or young person uses a category B or C machine on the premises
  • the holder complies with any relevant provision of a code of practice about the location and operation of gaming machines (issued by the Gambling Commission).

A permit will last for 10 years, unless issued under the Fast Track procedure in which case the permit lasts for as long as the Club Premises Certificate (issued under the Licensing Act 2003) is in force.

A permit can be cancelled if the holder fails to pay the annual fee (unless the failure is as the result of an administrative error).


There is an annual fee for this type of permit, the first of which must be paid within 30 days of the permit becoming effective.