A better Medway

A Better Medway’s’ Active Medway Cycling Project utilises a new approach to encourage active travel and the enjoyment of cycling.

We offer community led rides that:

  • are pre-agreed and mapped routes
  • offer a supportive group environment
  • are up to 10 miles
  • encourage usage of cycle lanes
  • run during the weekdays
  • cater for adults over 18.

Our regular participants come from various cycling backgrounds, from those that have learnt to ride with A Better Medway and the ‘Learn2Ride’ project through to those that prefer a steadier pace of cycling.

One main focus of the cycling project has been to encourage more people back into cycling who may have not cycled for a while due to reasons such as a lack of confidence.

The rides run all year round and are led by community cycle leaders.

The ‘Learn2Ride’ program offers a coaching approach to adults to help understand balance and co-ordination of pedalling a bicycle.

The venues for the ‘Learn2Ride’ are flexible across Medway and offer a one to one bespoke approach to cycling at suitable locations.

You Local Community Cycle Ride

If you want to cycle more in and around Medway, and are looking for adventure without the route planning and admin, then community rides can be for you.

The ride are free to attend and it's a fantastic way to keep active, with friends, or just on your own.

You'll meet new people, improve your fitness, and get more confident on your bike.

For up-to-date information regarding bookable bike rides, visit the Active Medway Cycling Projects website at Let's Ride.

For local activities, you can visit the Explore Medway cycling page.

For more information on the ‘Learn2Ride’ program, contact us by e-mail cycling@medway.gov.uk.

For further information you can call us on 01634 333 720.

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