A better Medway

Cycling around Medway

It’s easy to get around Medway and enjoy the outdoors with 81 miles of cycle paths across our five towns.

Two wheels are better for you than four, both for your physical and mental health.

You must follow the rule of 6 if you go out with other cyclists.

Explore Medway and take a look at our cycle routes available at cycle routes in Medway.

What we've done for cycling in Medway


  • invested £2.5 million over the last five years in cycling in Medway
  • created on-road cycle paths that make it easier to cycle safely get to places like Gillingham Business Park, Strood Retail Park, Rainham High Street and St Mary’s Island
  • set up regular cycling groups that have over 300 members, which we hope to restart soon
  • brought on and off-road cycle paths across Medway

The benefits of getting on your bike

Benefits include:

  • a reduction in air pollution and CO2 emissions, helping protect and improve the environment
  • leaving public transport free for people who have no other means of getting around, like the elderly  
  • improving your mood and giving you a sense of achievement - just one cycle ride can do this
  • strengthening muscles, boosting your stamina and improving your heart health

Whether travelling to work or meeting up with family or friends… get on your bike this spring.

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Cycling groups

Our cycling groups have returned. Our cycle leaders look forward to seeing you soon.

Benefits of cycling groups

There are lots of benefits to cycling in a group, including:

  • led by a ride-leader
  • supportive groups
  • groups run all year round

Take part in a cycling group

Our cycling groups are perfect for:

  • beginners or returning cyclists
  • anyone aged 18 or over
  • men and women
  • people that want to cycle more

For more information on cycling groups or lessons call us on 01634 333 720 or email cycling@medway.gov.uk.

Upcoming rides

We aim to provide a network of bike rides on national cycle network routes.

The Bell Mast Tower
Historic Dockyard

Monday morning

(Ride social)

Up to 60 minutes


1/5 Easygoing
Riverside Country Park

Thursday mornings

(Guided ride)

Up to 60 minutes 10.15am 1/5 Easygoing
Various locations around Medway


(Ride social)

Up to 60 minutes Various 3/5 Ride steady
Meeting point Day Duration Meeting time Difficulty

Due to coronavirus (COVID-19) we have asked everyone to book online using the Let's Ride website. This is so that we have a track and trace system in place - a digital record.

All of our rides are for those aged 18 or over.

Cycle lessons

A Better Medway are offering cycle lessons for adults. These coaching sessions are specially designed for non-cyclists.

You must have your own bicycle and a helmet to participate.

The courses are run across Medway at various locations and various times. The course is usually delivered on a 1 to 1 basis, occasionally 2 to 1.

The outcome of the sessions will be to:

  • understand a ‘M Check’ of your bicycle
  • start and stop safely
  • cycle 20 metres with no help
  • steer left and right in a figure of 8 shape

To register your interest in the program, please contact cycling@medway.gov.uk or phone 01634 333 727.

Benefits of cycling

“The numbers of people choosing to cycle for fun, fitness or to get to work has increased by more than a quarter in twenty years and an incredible 3.2 billion miles are cycled on our roads every year.”  – Department for Transport THINK! website

Many people cycle because of the multiple benefits it can provide.

Cycling can:

  • provide a broad muscle workout, using all major muscle groups in the body – it builds strength, stamina and aerobic fitness
  • cause less strain and injuries than other forms of exercise, because it is a 'low-impact' activity
  • be as intense as you want. For more information regarding how much to exercise, visit the NHS exercise advice page 
  • provide outdoor fun – you are more likely to continue with exercise if it is fun and interesting
  • replace time spent driving, and help reduce pollution and your personal carbon footprint

If you're just getting started, check out the NHS Live Well guide ‘Cycling for beginners‘. 

Medway cycle clubs

If you are interested in joining a cycle club, we have a list of sports clubs under the Clubmark standard. 

Cycle training in schools

Bikeability is our cycle training programme which can help you develop understanding and practical skills to keep you safe when cycling on the road. It also gives you the confidence to get out and about with all kinds of cycling.

For further information please visit the Bikeability page.

Cycle routes

Map of cycle routes in medway

The Heron Trail is an 18 mile (29km) trail connecting the villages of Higham, Cliffe, Cooling, High Halstow, Hoo and Upnor.

Highlights include view of both the River Medway and the River Thames and detour routes including the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds with sightings of herons.

More information on the Explore Kent website.

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