A better Medway

Tipping the Balance is our adult weight management programme that aims to help people lead a healthier lifestyle and manage their weight.

The main aims of the service are to:

  • improve self-esteem and confidence
  • support people to work towards a healthier weight
  • encourage healthier lifestyles.


Your GP or a health professional can make a referral into the programme if you're ready to make some lifestyle behaviour changes and have a body mass index (BMI) greater than 40 (or greater than 35 with conditions such as diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure).

Once referred, you'll be contacted by our advice centre and invited to join our Active Treatment pathway. This means you can start addressing and identifying your health goals immediately.

The first step of the programme will be to attend one of the following:

  • our free 12-week Healthy Way lifestyle course
  • referral to our commissioned Oviva weight loss digital app service.

You may also like to consider a referral for any of the following:

  • our free 6-week cookery course
  • our popular walking, cycling or Nordic walking groups.

Our Specialist Health Improvement Practitioner

All these options will prepare you to make the most of your one-to-one appointment with our Specialist Health Improvement Practitioner (SHIP) in Tipping the Balance. 

At your first appointment with the SHIP, all aspects of your health and lifestyle may be discussed. Dependent on your progress, up to a year's support can be offered which will allow the SHIP to provide individual personalised care. During this time, they'll support improvements to both your physical and emotional health whilst encouraging changes in behaviour.

They'll advise and guide you through lifestyle changes that will help you to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

The SHIP may also advise that you're referred to the team dietician and psychotherapists.

Some of our attendees may be considering weight loss surgery. This can be a complex and difficult decision, and as a Tier 3 service, the SHIPS can advise on any question you may have.

It's really important that anyone choosing this option is in the best position for surgery, both physically and psychologically, so that the best post-operative outcomes can be achieved. As such, effective engagement with the service is vital.

Appointments may be face-to-face, by telephone, or digitally.

To be referred to the programme, please speak to your GP or practice nurse.

For more information call us on 01634 333 101 or email tippingthebalance@nhs.net.