LHA rates

The table below shows the Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rates for private tenants making a claim between April 2023 and March 2024.

These are the maximum amounts for each category. The actual amount you will be entitled to will depend on:

  • who lives in your household
  • the size of your property
  • your income
  • any savings you have.

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Weekly amount

Monthly amount


Shared accommodation



















The entitlements are one bedroom for every adult couple and every single adult (person over 16 years old).

A single child is also entitled to one bedroom. Two children of the same gender aged under 16 years and any two children under 10 years old (regardless of gender) will be assumed to share a bedroom under the criteria.

You should contact us for more information if:

  • two adult members of a couple cannot share due to a disability
  • two children who would be expected to share cannot, because of disability
  • you are an approved foster carer
  • someone receives overnight care (from someone who doesn’t normally live in the property)
  • the household includes a member of the armed forces who is away on operations.

Category A is applied if a tenant does not have exclusive use of more than one room and shares any or all of a kitchen, living room and a bathroom or toilet.

It also applies to most single people under the age of 35 who do not have anyone else living with them, even if they actually occupy self-contained accommodation.

Exemptions may apply if the person:

  • qualifies for the severe disability premium
  • needs overnight care
  • is a care leaver under the age of 22
  • is a former resident of a specialist hostel for the homeless 
  • is an ex-offender.