Under the street works permit scheme any individual or organisation that wants to carry out works on the highway must apply for a permit.

We have the power to grant or refuse a permit, and decide how and when the works are carried out.

The permits ensure that we have effective control of roadworks. They also help us to:

  • ensure all works are planned to minimise disruption
  • improve journey times for all our road users
  • reduce congestion caused by roadworks
  • improve the information available on works, such as advanced warning and duration times
  • improve safety for those carrying out works
  • reduce damage caused to the road.

How to apply for a permit

For more information on the Medway permit scheme, including how to apply, download our Medway Permit Scheme document.

Contact our Streetworks team by email: streetworks@medway.gov.uk

Medway roadworks

Details of all upcoming roadworks can be found at Roadworks.org. Current roadworks are shown on our Medway roadworks page.

Background to the scheme

We introduced the street works permit scheme in January 2017.

For background information on the permit scheme, download our Street works permit scheme overview.