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Start your journey to workplace health. The Healthy Workplace Programme supports businesses to help their staff find ways to be healthy at work.

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Award levels

Healthy workplaces bronze award

To get your Bronze Award you'll need to show you have the steps in place to be a healthy workplace.

Healthy workplaces silver award

You'll need to complete 15 pledges to becoming a healthy workplace to get your Silver Award.

Healthy workplaces gold award

You'll need to complete a minimum of 30 pledges to becoming a healthy workplace to get your Gold Award.

Healthy workplaces platinum award

To get your Platinum Award you will need to continue as a healthy workplace and show your wider influence.

Employer's guides

The Healthy Workplace Programme has several employer guides.

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The local award has helped us to see what we are already doing, and give us new areas to focus on.

- Stuart Clack, Electrical Technician at National Grid

Having a staff wellbeing offer and promoting a healthy workplace environment has helped how we manage our small team and recruit staff.

- Matt Dean, Director of Lustre Consulting Limited

27% less sick days

taken by physically active staff

Sickness costs £29 billion

a year in the UK