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Events and exhibitions taking place at Medway Archives Centre are:

2024 Lecture Series

Our lecture series started in February, and we’re delighted to welcome knowledgeable speakers to give the remaining lectures in the series.

Tickets are £4 each. Advance booking essential.

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Online Exhibitions

Pestilence to contagion: plague to COVID-19

pestilience to contagion: plague to covid19

This exhibition details some of the diseases and viruses that have struck Medway in the past.

View the online Pestilence to contagion: plague to COVID-19 exhibition.




Health matters: corridors of care

Health matters: Corridors of care exhibition

This exhibition takes a look at the institutions that have offered care and comfort to the Medway area.

View the online Health matters: corridors of care exhibition.


Engraving of Ordnance Street, ChathamDickensland commemorated the 150th anniversary of the death of Charles Dickens.

This exhibition examines some of the people and places that provided inspiration for his novels and essays.

View Dickensland online exhibition.

Percy Hetherington Fitzgerald 1830 to 1925

Engraving of Watts Charity, RochesterOn the centenary of the birth of Charles Dickens in 1912, Percy Fitzgerald presented his library of books by and about Dickens and his works to Rochester Museum.

But who was he?

View Percy Hetherington Fitzgerald, 1830 to 1925 online exhibition.

Williams Cuffay and Chatham

Front cover of Reynolds Political Instructor showing William CuffayIn July 1870 William Cuffay died in Hobart, Tasmania Australia. He was 82 years old, a tailor by trade and was born in Chatham.

How did he end up there and why is he remembered today, 150 years later? 

View William Cuffay and Chatham online exhibition.

Exhibition loans

A selection of our past exhibitions are available for loan. Please contact us for more information.

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